Passing of Critic David Rosenberg

Dear theater lover,

David Rosenberg, our esteemed theater critic, died suddenly Wednesday night, July 15, at Norwalk Hospital. Comments below are by his friend/fellow critic Irene Backalenick:


The loss of my best friend/fellow theater critic/co-founder of the Connecticut Critics Circle is devastating, unacceptable. How shall we all go on without David? I can look back on thirty years of sharing the profession with him. With each of us covering theater for our various publications, we often traveled the field together–primarily in New York City and Connecticut, but also across the country. And our frequent trips to London, to the English stage, where theater takes its unique form, also helped to broaden our perspective.

I depended so much on our exchange…. and indeed David helped me to grow professionally. He commanded more knowledge and grasp of theater than any one I knew and had the courage to take an honest hard-edged view of the works we experienced. He shared not only the productions, but his views of the people in the field—with humor and irony and honesty. David, I cannot accept the loss of you here on earth, but will hold you in my thoughts for the rest of my life.

All my best,
Irene Backalenick

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