Interview with Actor, Director, Producer JACK PLOTNICK

Someday Productions LLC and Pillow Talking are pleased to present the following interview with multi-talented actor, director, playwright, producer, acting coach JACK PLOTNICK

Approximately 26 years ago, a young actor walked into an audition for a major lead in crazy spoof about Hollywood. The part called for an incredibly talented, versatile performer with impeccable comedic timing and who was adept at improv. His name was Jack Plotnick and he was booked on the spot. As life has a way of coming full circle, that film was mine (Wayne Keeley’s) — and we all knew at the time that this guy was the real deal.

Now, as fate would have it, we were spot-on in our initial assessment. Over the last 25 years, Jack has built an impressive resume of solid work encompassing theatre, film, television, and even the internet. But if that isn’t enough, he and his friend and business partner, Seth Rudetsky, wrote DISASTER! A 70s disaster movie musical which not only took Broadway by storm, tidal wave, and earthquake, but will open Connecticut Repertory Theatre’s Nutmeg Summer Series at UCONN.

We caught up with Jack, who is once again directing the production, and who took time out of his busy rehearsal schedule to chat with Pillow Talking.

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