Away We Go – Review by Bonnie Goldberg

How sweet it is! Pantochino Productions in Milford is conjuring up images of that rotund comedian who was always sending his wife Alice to the moon, Jackie Gleason, in their newest and always original musical comedy, “And Away We Go!” gaining giggles and guffaws weekends until Sunday, May 7 at the Milford Arts Council, The MAC.

With creative book. lyrics and direction by Bert Bernardi, bouncy music by Justin Rugg that will make you tingle, imaginative costumes by Jimmy Johansmeyer and elaborate nightclub set by Von Del Mar, this is a tale of music and murder, or is it? Show biz singing team of Vinny Volare (Jimmy Johansmeyer) and Vickye Cantare (Shelley Marsh Poggio),who think they are wannabe clones of Steve and Edie or Sonny and Cher, have left the sanctuary of Now Jersey to make it big in Miami. Vinny’s great plan for success is to secure a spot on the Jackie Gleason Show, because he knows a cousin of an uncle of a dancer of a waitress who ;knows Jackie and he is sure his innovative formula will work.

Arriving at the club Jungle Nook, right across the street from the television studio, Vinnie feels he and Vickye are on their way, maybe to visit Alice on the moon. Soon an undercover IRS agent Roxy (Valerie Solli), an uncooperative manager Little Mary (Rachelle Ianniello), two enterprising gangsters Vito (Justin Rugg) and Jerry (Lu Dejesus), an unemployed shy Marjorie (Mary Mannix), a flamboyant dancer Snooky (Susan Kulp) and the Big Momma of the gang Nonna Antonozzi (Tracey Marble) take turns putting obstacles in Vinnie’s way. Will Jackie Gleason’s show gain some new talent or will some people lose their lives? Clearly the audience will laugh all the way to the uproarious conclusion. Knowing a little Italian wouldn’t hurt.

For tickets ($32.00), go online to Performances are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Remember to bring goodies to share at your table as this is cabaret style. Join the Great Give on May 3-4 to help Pantochino. Go to

Come discover for yourself if Jackie Gleason will find new talent for his television show or if Nonna Antonozzi will make good on her threat: “If i love you, I kill you” with her on target evil eye.