Clybourne Park – Review by Marlene S. Gaylinn

Music Theatre of Connecticut (MTC) continues its successful season with a funny yet powerful, Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Bruce Norris.

To quote Shakespeare, “…hell’s is empty and all the devils are here,” the residents of Clybourne Park, Chicago, are likewise composed of “foolish mortals” when it comes to racial and cultural differences, class consciousness and marital interactions. Although originally produced in 2011 the play is even more meaningful today as large numbers of supposedly civilized people are still behaving like dumb animals.

What’s amusing is that certain, foolish folks on both sides of an issue try to be polite and understanding when expressing their views but don’t realize what they are actually saying. What’s sad are the victims of this ignorant hypocrisy. What’s outstanding is the dialog which is cleverly designed to make you laugh and cry at the stupidity of human nature.

Influenced by “A Raison in the Sun,” Norris’ play continues in the same fictional White neighborhood. The action takes place during 1959 and 2009 in the interior of the same house. At MTC, the simple set is designed by Martin Marchitto with effective, mood-lighting by RJ Romeo. Intelligently directed by Pamela Hill, the acting ensemble: Susan Haefner, SJ Hannah, Rae Janeil, Matt Mancuso, Frank Mastrone, Nick Roesler and Allie Seibold are excellent while playing double roles.

Plays until November 19 in Norwalk CT.