Where All Good Rabbits Go – Review by Bonnie Goldberg

Everyone knows rabbits have long fluffy ears and enjoy munching on carrots.  They like to hop and visit Mr. MacGregor’s garden and even deliver Easter eggs on occasion.  What you may not realize that in the fantasy world created by playwright Karina Cochran, rabbits are also what a human can transform into in her intriguing play “Where All Good Rabbits Go” that recently, from July 20 to August 4, was aired for interesting exploration at Ridgefield’s new and innovative Thrown Stone Theatre Company.   The company  is housed at the Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance at 444 Main Street.
We all struggle with death and watching helplessly as a loved one or friend copes with an illness like cancer or Alzheimer’s or a sudden accident. How much more comforting it might be to know we never die but hop into another world,  a nether world, known as the Sacred Green Space, and possibly wile away our eternal days residing  in a cabbage patch?
Fashion designer Julia, a loving Alexandra Bazan, has been married for a trio of happy years to Walter,
a hard working lettuce farmer played by Jason Peck.  One morning their comfortable life stye is dramatically interrupted when Walter discovers he has grown a bushy rabbit’s tail overnight.  Since his father has transformed into a bunny years before, the inevitable seems to be written on the hutch’s door.
Fortunately Julis’s brother Dorn, a good doctor played by Mike Boland, can be consulted for help with treatment.  He orders tests and offers advice, but, ultimately can provide no more consolation than a homemade casserole. We witness Walter’s complete change and the coping methods both husband and wife employ to soften the outcome. When Julia cuddles a live bunny, her new Walter, it is tragically sincere.
Brittany Bland’s water color projections and Fufan Zhang’s black and white scenic designs offer a unique perspective to this process of loss in this bittersweet fable.  Cyrus Newitt  directs this  comedy/drama with sensitive hands and heart for its East Coast premiere.
While it is too late to catch the rabbit trail, watch Thrown Stone Theatre Company for another innovative and thought provoking evening of theater in Ridgefield,