Howard Steven Frydman

Howard Steven Frydman is Executive Director and General Manager of BATV- TV Channels 5, 95, and 96 in Connecticut. Howard has worked in the field of television, radio and print media for over 30 years and has coordinated many local and statewide public events.

His movie reviews have been a television staple for numerous years throughout New England.

Howard’s travel, food, theater, and film reviews have been syndicated in several newspapers and magazines in Connecticut including: “The Airport News” the official newspaper for Connecticut Bradley International Airport and the “North Central News”.

His reviews can now be read in blog form, The Howard- On Stage & Screen Reviews, the BATV-TV5 website, and additionally syndicated through Messenger/Gazette Publications.

Mr. Frydman has also served politically and has held various elected positions including Board of Education, Library Director, Selectman, Registrar of Voters and Justice of the Peace. He is recipient of the Connecticut “Hometown Hero” Award, Connecticut Outstanding Citizen Award and the National Army Service Award.

Mr. Frydman can be reached at or