The Wolves – Review by Bonnie Goldberg

Who are these girls who have gathered to win their games at any price? They are embracing their power and selectivity as they lace their sneakers and hydrate for the exhaustive exercises to come. This team of high school girls are “The Wolves,” a soccer club poised for greatness. Playwright Sarah DeLappe puts her ensemble of adolescents front and center as they cross-chat about topics ranging from genocide in Cambodia to immigration issues to abortion and feminine hygiene products. The girls buzz and sting as they tease, swear and jabber through their extensive warm ups.

The Studio Theatre on the campus of the University of Connecticut wants you to become captivated with their interactions and personal revelations as it presents “The Wolves” until Sunday, November 3. Set on a green indoor Astroturf field created by Kristen P.E. Zarabozo, we get up close and intimately involved in the lives of these females on the peak of womanhood as they prepare to win their way to the nationals. They are the ones who will serve as the striker, the midfields, the defense, the captain and the goalie and they need to forget their conflicts and disagreements as they take the field. They are a pack, warriors, a team, who need to be united if they are to succeed.

These lady crusaders are a sisterhood of sorts, each different, but united for the purpose of winning. They embrace different personalities, with a variety of temperaments and sensibilities. The cool, sarcastic girl is the most worldly and sexually advanced who plays side by side with the skinny, innocent and unlucky girl who may be battling an eating disorder. The perfectionist member whose fears cause her to throw up before every game is running beside the new girl who has an international background and is trying so hard to fit in with the team. They each have goals and dreams, a need to be recognized, to be the one hand-selected when the scouts come to town.

By the end of this ninety minute interaction, well directed by Julia Foh, to score goal winning points, an event takes place that shakes up their equilibrium and weakens their foundation. The talented cast includes Alexandra Brokowski, Megan O’Connor, Eliza Carson, Maddy Tamms, Nicolle Cooper, Jamie Feidner, Betty Smith, Elizabeth Jebran, and Eilis Garcia as team members and April Lichtman as the soccer mom.

For tickets ($10-33), call The Connecticut Repertory Theatre at the Studio Theatre at 860-486-2113 or online at crt.uconn .edu. Performances are Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m and matinees weekends at 2:00 p.m.

Come cheer on these remarkable female warriors as they learn to play and to manipulate the game of soccer as well as the game of life.