The Queen Bees – Review by Bonnie Goldberg

Turn your clock back to the 1960’s, a kinder, gentler time in many ways, and join two sisters and their
best friend as they try to scale the mountain to the top of the all girl group singing charts. Come to the
Connecticut Cabaret Theatre in Berlin weekends until Saturday, August 4th to see, hear and bop along with
Rob Urbinati’s lively “The Queen Bees,” a joyous jukebox musical.

The road to the top is not easy and there’s a lot of room for missteps along the way. Good voices and a
ton of enthusiasm are not enough as sisters Diane and Brenda and BBF Connie soon discover. Finding
the right name for their group (The BonBons sounded too juvenile and sweet), the best manager
(Flash Davis didn’t work out) and the proper songs to sing (nothing with car crashes and sea gull
sound effects) were a process of trial and error.

Maria Soaft’s Brenda, the too wise one, sexually provocative and out for what was best for her, in terms
of clothes and financial successful and boys to men, is in direct contrast with younger sister Diane, played
by Amy Bentley, who is conscientious and determined and has the whole group in mind as she makes
decisions for them to succeed. Kristin Iovene’s Connie is the believer of the group, who reads and honors the
Bible and is slow to approve Brenda’s rebellious ways.

The show reveals their hopes, dreams and struggles as the girls try to succeed in a male dominated world
where they are dismissed all too often and forced to fight for every little step up the ladder to the top.
Amazingly they hit their peak in three years, only to discover that their goals have changed and maybe
they are no longer on the same musical page.

Along the way they harmonize on a number of great 60’s hits, like “My Boyfriend’s Back,” “Leader of the Pack,”
“Maybe,” “Remember (Walking in the Sand),” “Twist and Shout,” “The Boy From New York City,” and “Shout!”
A lively band of Nathaniel Baker, Jamie Sherwood and Tim Urso sets the pace.

Kris McMurray directs this trio of songsters who put their heart and soul into their sound with enthusiasm and
glee. For tickets ($33), call the CT Cabaret Theatre, 31-33 Webster Square Road, Berlin at 860-829-1248 or
online at Remember to bring goodies to share at your table or plan to purchase dessert and
drinks at the onsite concession stand.

Come cheer on Connie, Brenda and Diane, all from Queens, New York, as they travel the highway to a
place where dreams can come true…or not.