Five Guys Name Moe – Review by Marlene S. Gaylinn

A lively show with an odd title, “Five Guys Named Moe” is bringing jazz fans to their feet at Westchester Broadway Theatre (WBT). Conceived and compiled by Clark Peters, this pure entertainment features music and songs by Louis Jordan and many others.

The first thing one wonders is who are these five guys and why are they all named “Moe?” For the un-initiated, the word “Moe” is street slang and can have numerous meanings. In this case, the term refers to an individual’s feelings about himself. In short, the “Five Moes” are aspects of an emotionally troubled individual, and mainly serves as clever excuse to tie-in the wide variety of song and dance numbers.

We begin with “Early in the Morning” a lament that is effectively rendered by “NoMax” (Napoleon Douglas). This inexperienced, young man has descended into a drunken stupor because his sweetheart recently rejected him. Like suddenly striking a match, out come the highly-spirited Moes: “Eat Moe” (Quentin Brown), “No Moe” (Tylor Campion), “Four-Eyed Moe” (Douglas Lyons), “Big Moe” (Tony Perry) and “Little Moe” (Isaiah Reynolds). Each character cajoles the lovelorn “NoMax” with very colorful, long forgotten, song and dance numbers. In fact, this critic was very surprised to recall “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby” (Austin and Louis Jordan) and “Caldonia” (Fleecie Moore) – songs that were once popular on the radio. The entertainers mingle with the audience and include several musical styles including a crazy, “Calyposo” sing along.

“Five Guys Named Moe” is a sweet Valentine at WBT’s dinner theatre!

Plays to March 1st 2020 Tickets: 914-592-222

“On CT & NY Theatre”/ February 2020