Broadway Comes to Southern Connecticut

NEW CANAAN, CT: Your favorite local theatre is dark because it’s summer. New York City is hot and sweaty, not to mention tickets are still overpriced. Yet, you yearn for theatre. Something fresh, affordable, fun and air conditioned. We have the solution! Come to New Canaan instead!
See seven new world premieres by seven new playwrights, curated and presented at the intimate Powerhouse Theatre in bucolic Waveny Park, courtesy of former-New York-based theatre festival, Broadway Bound Theatre Festival.

“We’re looking for enthusiastic theatregoers to collaborate with our artists and offer their feedback to these artists from across the country,” BBTF Festival Director Lenore Skomal said. “Everything from comedies, dramadies to allegorical tales. Bringing talented new voices to the stage is our passion and this should prove our finest year yet.”

Tickets are very affordable, ranging from $20 to $30 per show. All performances run Thursday through Sunday, with three shows on Saturdays. Check out our website for a list of shows and purchase your tickets today!

Broadway Bound Theatre Festival 2024 SEASON:
by Lily Ayotte (Boston)
Grandma Emily has finally died. At her funeral, her family is forced to cope with her legacy–the dysfunctional relationships she’s left behind. Grief turns to relief and their pain is turned inside out as the pretense is stripped away. Will they be able to come to grips with truth and find hope or will Grandma end up having the last word?

by Tom Mullen (New Orleans)
Chaos reigns near the end of the War in the Pacific so Gabriel sheds his wings to lead a band of Marines at Okinawa, thinking America to be the last, best hope for humanity. But when the platoon realizes the flag-raising at Iwo Jima was a publicity stunt, designed to sell war bonds, they begin to question the righteousness of their cause. The women they’ve left behind cope with an uncertain future as their homeland teeters on the edge of bankruptcy. With their able-bodied men fighting overseas, the women’s lives and their dreams are in limbo.

by Brian Mulhern (Rhode Island)
Radio funnyman and serial dater Neil Doyle longs for a life partner, but can’t seem to break his habit of manipulating would-be girlfriends into breaking up with him. When he finally meets the woman of his dreams, he finds himself forced with a decision: Grapple with his deep-seated fears of commitment from the past or live out the rest of his life alone.

by Alex McFarlane (Connecticut)
Divorcees Judith and Telfer find themselves stuck in the unfortunate situation of being together again – in Hell, located deep in a labyrinth of tunnels in the substrata of Grand Central Station. Against her better judgment, Judith entertains a soul pact with Satan, who wants her to rekindle her relationship with her ex in order to unfold his ungodly plan here on earth. If she’s successful, there will be Hell to pay.

by Karl O’Brian Williams (NYC)
Shawn Thompson is on a journey, whether he knows it or not. The soon-to-be-21-year old seeks answers about his cultural and personal past in order to understand his present and ultimately his future. By his side, to challenge and guide him, are African Elders Abebi, Shomari, Xola and Anan. Their goal? To help him find the answer to his question: Who am I?

by Garrett Bates (Louisville)
Lost in his post-pandemic grief, a recent widower is sent on a silent retreat after a near tragedy shocks his loved ones into action. In the unexpected space of a Trappist monastery, Sam is met by the important voices in his life, as well as a couple of quirky monks and a fellow traveler on her own journey of healing. Together, they encourage Sam to see that his new reality will require him to choose a new path forward without leaving old loves behind.

by Alan Richards (Colorado)
Ex-spouses Marty and Kay meet for a final time after years of being apart. As they reminisce
about their relationship and reconcile sins of the past, the presence looms heavy over both
their heads, as Marty has a proposition for Kay that causes them both to reconsider the

The Festival runs from Thursday, Aug. 8 through Sunday, Sept. 1, 2024. Please check out for performance dates, times and tickets.

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