Shera Cohen

Shera Cohen wrote, produced, and starred in her first play at age 10. That was the last play she acted in. Here genes for writing kept her at a steady pace, winning poetry awards, writing TV scripts (read, but not accepted), and her second play.

Her day jobs have been in public relations, grant writing, and events production for the past 30+ years for government agencies (city, state, federal) and numerous non-profit agencies (primarily in the arts).

In 1990, she co-founded/published Bravo Newspaper, an arts publication which grew to a readership of approximately 50,000. The newspaper was sold 13 years later. The accompanying Bravo-on-the-Air WMAS radio program lasted 14 years. Bravo segued into the non-profit arts agency, In the Spotlight, which includes reviews, previews, articles, on-the-road stories, and interviews on all art genres.

Shera’s community theatre credits include: President, Readers & Playwrights Theatre; Chairperson, Community Theatre Association (WMA); Scholarship Chair, MA Critics Circle; Founder, Chicopee Centennial Theatre.

Her work has been published over the past 25 years in: Springfield Journal, Women’s Times, The Reminder, and other publications in Western MA. She has also been a theatre reviewer correspondent for several websites.

More recently, she won two Playwriting Fellowships through the MA Cultural Council local arts program which resulted in completing her two-act play. A public reading was held in Springfield, MA and semi-staged professional reading at the Mark Twain House, Hartford, CT.

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