Joan Collins Wins Casino Cabaret Audience

by Tony Schillaci and Don Church

Still as glamorous as ever, and looking very much like her character Alexis Carrington from her Dynasty days, Joan Collins took her one-woman show to the Mohegan Sun Cabaret Theater on Sunday September 21 and got, deservedly, a standing ovation.

Her well-written and expertly structured fast-paced theater piece, A Night With Joan combined a mini-autobiography with movie clips, family snapshots, and a full segment of catfights and cutting remarks from the Dynasty TV shows. It's all about the up and downs of her career and private life.  Joan fills the stage with her presence, brilliant stagecraft, and wit.

Miss Collins’ professionalism as a fine actress proved winning to the audience as she flirted, teased and laughed at herself and her career.  At one point, she told the story that after she had been accepted at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, one of her teachers said to her, “if you don’t work hard and take stage-acting seriously, you’ll probably wind up having to work in the movies!”

With a wicked sense of humor, she’s much more than just a pretty face as she was when she played a small role opposite Bette Davis in The Virgin Queen

But Joan has proved, that after 60 years in show business, she’s still getting top billing. Not many actresses can claim that distinction.  Her body of work both on stage, in film and on TV is the legacy of a legend.  And Joan Collins proved at Mohegan Cabaret that she is certainly one of our most playful and beautiful Legends!

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Published in The Resident, October 1, 2008

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