“Sweeney Todd” at Curtain Call

By Tom Nissley

An absolutely magnificent production of "Sweeney Todd" is playing at Curtain Call, in the Kweskin Theater 1349 Newfield Avenue in Stamford. You'll find the quality of this show way, way, above the standards of regional theatre. This is Curtain Call at its best. Sondheim's music is so intricate, and this cast sings it precisely and beautifully. You'll be held taught in moments of tension and then totally blown away time and again. If you miss it, you'll have missed a great production and a very good show!

A chorus of 16 singers, with principals Ryan O'Neill (Sweeney Todd), Melinda Zupaniotis (Mrs. Lovett), Miiko Valkonen (Tobias), Matt Victory (Anthony, Rebecca CRaig (Johanna), Bruce Crilly (Beadle Bamford), George Alberts (Judge Turpin), Lauren Gulliver (Beggar), Miguel Angel Acevedo (Adolfo Pirelli), and Andre Hertzegovitch (Jonas Fogg). Stage Direction by George H. Croom. Musical direction by Greg Chrzczon. Ccostumes by Megan Latte Ormond. Sets and Lighting by Peter Barbieri, Jr. Lou Ursone is the producer and executive director of Curtain Call.

Tom Nissley for the Ridgelea Reports on Theatre

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