Shakespearian Splendor in Wesrport

 By Tom Nissley

There is a new production featuring music related to or inspired by the words of Shakespeare playing at the Westport Country Playhouse. It is so very special and excellent that Thou must get Thee hence, get Thee hence, get Thee hence quickly, to enjoy it.

“Sing for your Shakespeare” was developed by three collaborators (Wayne Barker, Mark Lamos, and Deborah Grace Winer, call themselves the co-conceivers ) and given birth at the 92nd Street Y, then worked into this world premiere Revue, with music direction by Wayne Barker, direction by Mark Lamos, and Choreography by Dan Knechtges. It plays on a beautifully designed set (Riccardo Hernandez), with costumes (Candice Donnelly) that could remind you of evenings in the Rainbow Room. A seven piece orchestra gives accompaniment, and much of the orchestration was done by Wayne Barker.

The six singers are a superb ensemble, each with individual presence but working so well together that you will remember them as a team. You may recognize names: Karen Akers, Britney Coleman, Darius de Haas, Stephen DeRosa, Constantine Germanacos, and Laurie Wells. Germanacos is especially flexible in a scene celebrating liberty.

It is impossible for me to imagine that you could be disappointed with this fine Revue. It plays only until June 28, but I expect that it will play in many venues throughout the country for some time to come., or telephone 203-227-4177 for tickets and information.

Tom Nissley for the Ridgelea Reports
June 10, 2014

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