“Legally Blonde” at STONC

By Tom Nissley

The famous love story that moves from a Sorority House at UCLA to Harvard Law School has opened for the season (through August 9) at the Summer Theatre. It’s a terrific show with a huge cast of singers and dancers that does the company proud.

Elle Woods (Kara Dombrowski) is graduating from UCLA, and also getting an MRS degree from campus hunk Warner (Preston Ells), or so she believes. So she is devastated when she learns that Warner, off to Harvard Law School, is looking for someone more serious to secure his future home-life. She decides to follow him there, which means major changes. Basically she’ll have to study in a whole new way, and, when she does in fact get into Harvard, tone down her pink costumes and maybe even her blonde hair.

Meanwhile she meets Emmett (Matthew Christian) – something of a Nerd, who becomes a best friend and mentor. When Professor Callahan (Stephen Hope) picks her for his special legal team, Elle is thrilled. She’s working with Warner, Vivien (Kate Simone) -- his new girlfriend, and Enid (Lane Levitt), along with Emmett. But Professor Callahan turns out to be a leach, and Elle and Emmett (who she’s’ helped to find a new outfit in a place he’s never been before: a department store) are left alone to prove to the court that Brooke (Shannon Mullen) did not kill her husband.

The show is infused with spectacular dancing (Choreographer Doug Shankman) and really fine musical direction (David Hancock Turner). Allegra Libonati has directed the production with flair and helped each scene to bounce with physical theatre. There is never a question, for instance, that Paulette Bonaforte (Jodi Stevens) and Kyle, the UPS man (Maxwell Schuster) will fall in love in a beautiful sub-plot.

“Legally Blonde, the Musical” will become a new best friend for lots and lots of New Canaan families and visitors this summer. Call STONC (Summer Theatre of New Canaan) today for your tickets at 203-966-4634 or reach them online at www.stonc.org.

Tom Nissley for the Ridgelea Reports on Theatre
June 30,2015

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