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"A Chorus Line" at Playhouse on Park

There are so many reasons to tell you not to miss this production. First of all, the show itself, which ruled Broadway for years, is a mixture of sentimental and unyielding stories of young actors and dancers waiting for a chance to be known on the outside the way they know themselves within. Here at the Playhouse the team says they’ve wanted to do it. And they’ve done it very well. The direction (Sean Harris and Darlene Zoller) is precise and fast moving. And the choreography, which is so much what this show is about, is spot on amazing. That’s from Darlene Zoller again, with Spencer Pond. If you understood no English, and could not follow the story line, you would still swoon at the marvelous dancing which happens over and over in this room full of great kids on the way to making it on stage. All in appropriate costumes (Lisa Steier) that appear to be 1970’s until the beautiful golden set at the finale.

While you’re watching them you’ll wonder how someone collected this roomful of actors with so much presence. They don’t just stand there. They inhabit their roles. They dance like masters. What you’re seeing is an ensemble production, and everyone is a featured player. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to mention Eric S. Robertson’s Zach or Michelle Pruiett’s Cassie or Jeremy Seiner’s Al with Mallory Cunningham’s Kristine. Or Tino Ardiente’s Paul and Max Jacob Weinstein’s Greg and Spencer Pond’s fabulous dancing as Larry. The list just goes on. And so do the memories of how good they all are together.

Music direction is by Emmett Drake and Michael Morris. Sets and lighting, so carefully but simply done, were by Christopher Hoyt and Christopher Bell.

Do not delay. Call and beg for tickets to suit you. I absolutely promise that you will not be disappointed and will feel a great human touch from this production. or 860-523-5900 for info and tickets.

Tom Nissley for the Ridgelea Reports on Theatre

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