Time of My Life

An Unusual Birthday Party
By Bob and Karen Isaacs

Gathered in a favorite restaurant, the members of the Stanton clan are marking the birthday of the
female head, Laura. In attendance is her devoted husband, Gerry, and her two sons, Glyn, the elder,
with his wife, Stephanie, and Adam, with his girlfriend, Maureen.

By the end of Alan Ayckbourn's play, Time of My Life at the Westport Country Playhouse, we are
going to discover much about these people as the playwright takes us on a time tour - one of his
favorite theatrical ploys - that encompasses not only the present but the past and the future.
Ayckbourn leads us on a merry chase as he uncovers a lot more about the Stanton than at first
meets the eye - much of it comic -- and leaves us with a feeling that we have experienced real life.

Gerry (the impeccable Paxton Whitehead) and Laura (the malleable Cecilia Hart) await their offspring
and give us a little background on why they are here and where they may be going. Glyn (James
Waterston) and Stephanie (Geneva Carr) a married couple with one son and who have been having
marital difficulties -- he's had a fling --are the first to arrive. They are followed by the bachelor Adam
(Carson Elrod) and Maureen (Seana Kofoed) a girl friend who is not exactly in the Stanton class.
Before the evening ends, Maureen gets sick; it's revealed that Stephanie and Glyn are going to have
another baby and Glyn rues his past misdeeds; and we learn that Laura has - only once she claims -
also slipped the bonds of monogamous marriage.

In the process of these discoveries, we are shown the past activities of the characters through a
series of separate scenes some of which are hilarious. Helping out the humor is Jason Antoon who
plays not only the owner of the restaurant but also several waiters who deal with the characters as
they pay visits to the restaurant in moments past and future. You will especially cherish his love
songs to Adam and Maureen, who in the process of the play get engaged, as he presents her with a

Kofoed is priceless attempting to present a desirable woman to the eligible Adam whom she
discovers is a member of a rather wealthy family. The costumes that Jane Greenwood created for
Kofoed here are truly works of art. We meet her as Adam meets her and experience her as Adam
experiences her and as she attempts to make herself more than what she is.

Meanwhile, Glyn and Stephanie's marriage and his missteps are revealed, and in the present the rift
is closed. However a rift between Gerry and Laura has opened. We'll not tell more about what
transpires because you'll want the joy of discovery yourself and appreciate the excellent story-telling
talent of Ayckbourn - he's got a treasure chest of comic successes to his name, Absurd Person
Singular, How the Other Half Loves, The Norman Conquests, et al - and the steady directorial hand of
John Tillinger.

You will surely enjoy this latest effort at Westport

Time of My Life is at the Westport Country Playhouse, through April 26. For tickets online or call 203-227-4177.

Appeared in Shore Publications.

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