By Bob and Karen Isaacs

BOB:  We can agree about this. One of our favorite playwrights, Alan Ayckbourn, has a play at the Westport Country Playhouse, How the Other Half Loves, which is delicious and beautifully presented by a sextet of actors.

KAREN: This is a play about three couples – the boss and his wife, a middling executive and his wife, and an up-and-coming man and his wife. What happens is that two of these six people are having an affair. In an attempt to cover it up, all sorts of complications and misunderstandings occur.

BOB:  Wonderful misassumptions.

KAREN: What makes it terrific is the direction of John Tillinger, who keeps everything moving.
BOB:  One of our favorite performers, Paxton Whitehead, plays the boss.

KAREN: He’s the master of the slightly dense guy who can’t keep it all together. You wonder how he could run an office.

BOB: He thinks he knows exactly what is going on

KAREN: and that it is his obligation to fix it. But of course he is totally wrong.

BOB: In this production my favorites were the youngest couple Carson Elrod as William Featherstone and his wife, played by Karen Walsh, Mary Featherstone. They are totally bewildered at what is going on, since they are

KAREN:  the totally innocent people

BOB:  who are the turning point for the plot.

KAREN: What is also fascinating is the set. On the stage are the homes of both the boss and the established executive couple. The rooms are intermixed – it is hard to envision – yet you are always clear where you care at any given moment.

BOB: They go out certain doors and come in certain doors.

KAREN: This is beautifully done. The timing is wonderful. Lots and lots of laughs.

BOB: Great summer fare. Go see How the Other Half Loves at Westport Country Playhouse.

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