MAME -- She's One Delightful Dame

By Bob and Karen Isaacs

BOB: Mame is lighting up the Goodspeed stage and making theater goers very happy indeed.


KAREN: I have to admit that I did not know Louise Pitre, who was Tony nominated for the leading role in Mamma Mia, but I came away impressed by her talent. She sings, dances and acts up a storm.l


BOB: Mame of course is a Jerry Herman musical that originally starred Angela Lansbury. As with all Herman musicals, it is full of delightful tunes.


KAREN: It tells the story of Mame Dennis -- an eccentric woman who inherits custody of her young nephew -- over the years, they both have numerous adventures. It is based on Patrick Dennis’ novel, Auntie Mame, which was made into a successful play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee, who also wrote the book for the musical.


BOB: This production is bright and sparkling, directed by Ray Roderick and choreography by Vince Pesche. It is up to the high standards set by Goodspeed productions.


KAREN: I really loved the set and costumes -- of course, the art deco New York City apartment and the equally glamorous costumes will make you drool. The set was by James Youmans, and the costumes were by Gregg Barnes.


BOB: Louise Pitre is not the only standout performer. You will have to cheer for Kirsten Wyatt who plays Agnes Gooch, Patrick’s nanny and later Mame’s assistant. In the second act she returns to Mame’s apartment after six months of following Mame’s advice to “Live Large.”


KAREN: Mame’s friend, Vera is played by Judy Blazer and their duet “Bosom Buddies” will delight. I have to applaud Eli Baker, who played Patrick as a child. James Haggerty plays the older Patrick.


BOB: Jerry Herman certainly knows how to close an act -- in this case, it is with the rousing title song -- you won’t want the curtain to come down. You will hurry back for the second act.


KAREN: This is just a terrific production of a tuneful, musical comedy classic. It has already been extended to July 7. You will enjoy Mame at Goodspeed Theater in East Haddam.


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