By Bob and Karen Isaacs

BOB Hi! I’m Bob


KAREN: And I’m Karen and we go to the theater regularly.


BOB And we would like to share with you our thoughts and opinions, which don’t always agree, about area professional theater.


BOB: The Realistic Joneses, which is now at the Yale Rep is the ultimate in realistic drama. If Ibsen said that drama is real people in real places in real situations, then this is a prime example of that. As a result, it becomes a satire on life.


KAREN: I’m not sure it is a satire -- at times it seemed more mundane than that. The dialogue sounds a lot like a transcription of normal, everyday conversation -- complete with non-sequitors. Pretty rambling, repetitious, and at times, boring.


BOB:  The play -- which is a world premier -- takes two suburban couples who have more in common than the fact that they share the same last name -- Jones. The older couple, Jennifer and Bob, have been married a long while; he is suffering and denying a progressive, debilitating disease. The younger couple, John and Pony, have just moved in and have their share of idiosyncrasies. During the 90 minute piece, the four come together in various combinations and locations for conversation and confrontations.


KAREN: The fact is that what we get is episodic enactment of what seems to be real life. And because of the writing of playwright Will Eno, we see not only the difficulties of living but also the comic aspects of it.


BOB: Eno has said that he was commenting on normal anxiety and normal people and how we face things and don’t face things.


KAREN: The four person cast is excellent -- Johanna Day and Tracy Letts play the older couple -- you feel his unwillingness to acknowledge his condition, although you realize he is a well aware of it. At the same time, understand his wife’s concern and irritation with him.


BOB: The younger couple -- who seem less understandable -- are played by Glenn Fitzgerald and Parker Posey who in a sense are also in denial -- this time it is she who cannot face real life, and he who is more aware of his and her situations.


KAREN: Under the direction of Sam Gold, Yale Rep apparently is again on the cutting edge of theatrical trends with The Realistic Joneses.”


BOB: We have to acknowledge the wonderful set by David Zinn.


KAREN: I do admit, that this piece seemed longer than it was, and that perhaps it needs some cutting. This play will garner mixed reaction from audiences. It runs through May 12 at the Yale Rep.


BOB: For more information or reservations, contact the box office at the theater.

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