By Bob & Karen Isaacs

KAREN: Goodspeed’s 2008 season has started.

BOB: they have a new musical called Happy Days based upon the hit TV show.

KAREN: The same characters with a story written specifically for this show by Garry Marshall and with music and lyrics by Paul Williams.

BOB: It’s OK

KAREN: It capitalizes on the nostalgia. The cast is very good. Joey Sorge who plays Fonzie certainly has the moves down pat.

BOB: He’s not Henry Winkler.

KAREN: It was good; it was pleasant; it’s not memorable.

BOB: It’s a pleasant piece. I couldn’t think of a single tune.

KAREN: The only one you’ll remember is the theme song from the TV show which they got permission to use. There were a couple of nice songs. If you like nostalgia, you will have a nice, pleasant evening; you are not going to be blown away.

(Ran on WNHU 88.7 FM week of May 19)

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