Bob and Karen Isaacs

BOB: We were up at Seven Angels Theater in Waterbury – which is a very nice little theater. Semina DeLaurentis the artistic director

KAREN: does a very nice job. It you want something that doesn’t require very much thinking but just lets you enjoy, then you will enjoy Flashback – a trip through the ‘60s – a retro cabaret.

BOB: The problem is that the cast is all very young – some with excellent training and good voices, but they are inexperienced.

KAREN: This is a young cast – many are still in college. They have limited credits. But it features various musical styles – rock ‘n roll, Motown, psychedelic, folk, pop with high energy choreography. It takes a look back at the music, the dances, the fashion and the fads. Certainly, the night we saw it, the audience was having a great time.

BOB: The cast elicits a lot of audience participation.

KAREN: People were humming along, singing along

BOB: People behind us were sharing memories.

KAREN: There are all sorts of songs – a medley of The Supremes to a Monkees medley—does ANYONE remember The Monkees? To “The Times They Are A-Changing”

BOB: The whole scope of the 60s. It was interesting. Whether it was staged well enough to capture your emotions is hard to know. It was directed by Semina and Janine Molinari, who also did the choreography.

KAREN: This a nice evening, a nice time to go out with some friends to see it and then go out afterwards and talk about all your memories of the period – where you were, and which songs you remembered. They do EVERYBODY.

BOB: Is this going to win awards? No. Will you have a good time? Probably, particularly if you remember the 60s.

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