DINNER WITH FRIENDS -- Surviving Your Friends' Divorce

By Bob and Karen Isaacs

BOB:  Westport Country Playhouse is giving us a fine production of a Pulitzer Prize winning play by Connecticut Playwright David Magulies.

KAREN: Dinner with Friends is about Gabe & Karen and Tom & Beth -- two couples who have been close friends for years. When Tom abruptly walks out on Beth, it threatens more than just their marriage alone. It explores the difficulties one couple has surviving the divorce of the another.

BOB:  A little twist is that Gabe and Karen introduced Tom and Beth to each other -- the two men had been good friends, as had the two women.

KAREN: This play is certainly relevant -- we all just heard about Al & Tipper Gore splitting after 40 years. Can you imagine what their friends must be thinking?
BOB:  This is a nice production -- well acted and the play is certainly thought provoking.

KAREN: Yes -- Gabe & Karen really have to question their assumptions about not only their friends' marriage but also the choices they have made during their marriage.

BOB: Right.
KAREN: If I had one complaint, it was that Mary Bacon who played Beth, played her as an extremely irritating person -- I wanted to strangle her.  But I liked Steven Skybell as Gabe very much -- he seemed to capture the doubt and perhaps regrets of the character.

BOB: This is a production you should definitely see. It is funny and sad. You will be discussing the play all the way home.

KAREN:  Dinner with Friends is at Westport Country Playhouse through June 19.

 This review ran June 7 to 18, 2010 on WHNU-FM 88.7 and www.wnhu.net

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