Yale Rep - A Delicate Balance -- It's Perfectly Balanced.

By Bob and Karen Isaacs

BOB:  I was not overjoyed about going to see  A Delicate Balance at the Yale Rep. I was leery because it was heavy duty work, but I must say when I was sitting in the audience and the lights came up on that magnificent set and Kathleen Chalfant and Edward Hermann came on stage, I was swept away for the entire three acts.
KAREN: About 2 hours 40 minutes. This is at Yale Rep. It is Edward Albee's  A Delicate Balance which won the Pulitzer Prize for drama. As you see it, you will see certain hints of his earlier play, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? The plot is described as: It is Friday night in the suburbs, Agnes and Tobias, a long married, well-off couple share their home with her sister -- a self-proclaimed drunk-- the delicate balance of their lives has already begun to teeter when their best friends arrive asking if they can stay indefinitely because of some terror at their home. The next day their grown daughter shows up expecting to move home again after the collapse of her fourth marriage.

BOB:  Right     

KAREN: This is obviously about the balances within families.
BOB:  The way you try to balance.

KAREN: and responsibilities to friends and families and the decisions you have to make.

BOB: First of all, this works beautifully. The exchange of ideas and accusations -- I found it just sweeps you along.
KAREN: And one of the things we tend to forget about Edward Albee -- is that he is funny.

BOB: There are a lot of funny lines in this.

KAREN:  James Bundy directs this beautifully with a magnificent cast. It's hard to single out one, but if I had to it would be Edward Hermann because he seems to be the less defined role, more reactive, yet at the end, he touched me the most.

BOB:  He is the one that is most unbalanced by what occurs and must regain his balance.

KAREN: This is a brilliant play given an exceptionally fine production at the Yale Rep.

BOB: I have to mention again the setting by Chien-Yu Pen. It is perfect.

KAREN: So go see A Delicate Balance at the Yale Rep. It runs through November 13.

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