MOON OVER BUFFALO – A Backstage Romp

BOB: Everyone has got to get up to Ivoryton to see this madcap farce, Moon Over Buffalo. I have a few reservations but it is great fun.

KAREN: It is a backstage farce. You may remember Noises Off, another backstage farce that was hysterical. This is really very, very funny.

BOB: The show is set in 1953 at the end of an era. The touring classical repertory theater is no longer in fashion for a multiplicity of reasons, not least of all television. The road shows that draw are large musical preferably with star names. But Charlotte and George Hay still carry on. Despite the dwindling audiences and their inappropriate roles as young lovers, their motley crew is in Buffalo, New York for the summer presenting Private Lives and Cyranno de Bergerac. What ensues is a wild and wooly farce with twists and turns, mistaken identities, some swordplay and a set with six doors.

KAREN: What it has to do with includes: Is film director George Capra going to be in the audience? Who is having an affair or in love with whom? Mistaken identities AND the mixing up the two plays.

BOB: All they want to do is get out of this touring – they realize it is dying. All they want to do is to get back to the movies – where they were supporting performers – and become STARS.

KAREN: First of all the cast works really hard because they are running around that set. There is a terrific chase scene that keeps going because every time they find the character they are chasing, he disappears again. It’s very well directed. This is a new director

BOB: Matthew Puglisi

KAREN: Who has a degree from UConn but has been the production manager at Ivoryton. He has directed a little but nothing this complex. He did a very good job. You have a husband and wife playing a husband and wife

BOB: Buzz Roddy and Laurie Dawn

KAREN: The entire cast is really good. This is a great summer piece. You just laugh

BOB: It’s done very well and they handle the changing of the scenery well also.

KAREN: Go see it.

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