ALTAR BOYZ – Satiric Look at Christian Pop Music
By Bob and Karen Isaacs

BOB: Long Wharf has the Altar Boyz, an award-winning off-Broadway musical that is wild and wooly. I noticed that members of the audience the night we saw it were having a great time

KAREN: It is still running off-Broadway and it won several best musical awards last year. It is the account, sometimes hilarious, of a struggling Christian boy band – with one nice Jewish boy – struggling for their big break in the Big Apple.

BOB: And the corruption.

KAREN: We have five small town boys from Ohio – Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham, trying to save the world one screaming fan at a time.

BOB: They have a countdown of how many souls need to be saved in the audience and they are trying to reach zero. It’s obviously a take off on boy bands and the popular Christian music movement.

KAREN: If you want to think of it, it is a cross between Nunsense and Forever Plaid or lots of ways of describing the combo. It has high octane music and dancing. The hip hop dancing is fabulous though at times it reminded me a of an advanced aerobics class.

BOB: They work hard. My favorite song is “Jesus Called Me on My Cell Phone”.

KAREN: How can that NOT be your favorite? The performers are really good.

BOB: Philip Drennen, Dan scott, Anton Fero, Tim Dolan and Andres Quintero.

KAREN: They really do create characters – somewhat stereotypical characters – Mark who is gay, Luke who was obviously the bad boy.

BOB: It’s an interesting piece of work.

KAREN: The music is good; it’s rock, it’s loud. It’s fun. The dancing is tremendous. It’s 90 minutes or so with no intermission.

BOB: Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker did the music and lyrics. You will enjoy it.

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