42nd STREET –Keep on Tapping

By Bob and Karen Isaacs

BOB: Another great thing that is happening in Connecticut – the Downtown Cabaret Theater in Bridgeport. They are not producing but they have brought in 42nd Street. “Come and hear those dancing feet.”

KAREN: That behind-the-scenes musical – you will go out a chorus girl and come back a STAR! This came from the Tropicana in Atlantic City – so it is cut down.

BOB: It is very professional.

KAREN: But some of the dances were shortened, some of the scenes but it has all the music. Very well done

BOB: You will love it.

KAREN: at the Downtown Cabaret in Bridgeport. Some very good cast and the great songs – “You’re Getting to be a Habit with Me,” “We’re in the Money,” “42nd Street,” “Lullaby of Broadway”

BOB: “Shuffle Off to Buffalo.” You will absolutely enjoy this.

KAREN: Remember you can bring food and enjoy yourself before the show. They are also having a special New Year’s Eve Show with a party and dancing afterwards.

This review appeared on WHNU, 88.7 FM.

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