The Little Sisters of Mount Saint Helen’s School in New Jersey invite you to travel along with them from Hoboken to Hollywood on their search for fame and fortune.  Dan Goggin has done it again with another installment of comedy where nuns are the stars in “Nunset Boulevard the Nunsense Hollywood Bowl Show.”  The Downtown Cabaret Theatre of Bridgeport will be setting up the pins and waiting for the strikes weekends until Sunday, April 17.

The good sisters are thrilled they have been invited to sing at the Hollywood Bowl.  It seems like a dream come true, until by a devilish quirk of fate their venue turns out of be the Hollywood Bowl-A-Rama.  Taking their misfortune firmly in stride, they set out to give the best performance they are capable of and all angels are forewarned to hold on to their wings.

Led by the dauntless Reverend Mother (Laurie Birmingham) who comes from a circus family of tight rope walkers, Sister Mary Hubert (Bambi Jones) who counts Elvis and a Little Rascal among her ancestors, Sister Robert Anne (Lisa Asher) whose father back in Brooklyn was a jazz musician, Sister Mary Leo (Stephanie Wahl) who wants to be discovered in a drug store, even if it’s Walgreens and Sister Amnesia (Jeanne Tinker) who seeks country music success, these fearless nuns are full of stars, smiles and songs.

As drama queens, from Ginger Rogers to Mae West, they strut down the runway in true tinsel town toe tapping style.  When the casting calls go out for a new movie audition, they line up for their chance to shine on the silver screen.  Along the way, songs like “Where is the Rainbow?,” “It May Never Happen,” “There Was a Time,” and “Don’t Look Back” and more than a dozen others, carry the ladies to shine in the spotlight.

For tickets ($39.50), call the Downtown Cabaret Theatre, 263 Golden Hill Street, Bridgeport at 203-576-1636 or online at www.downtowncabaret,org.  Performances are Friday at 7:30 p.m., Saturday at 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and Sunday at 5:30 p.m.  Remember to pack a picnic to enjoy at your table.

Hopscotch to Hollywood with these fine ladies of the cloth as they each discover their calling, from the director and from the big man himself.

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