A popular t-shirt for teenagers, on spring break or summer vacation, is “Are We Having Fun Yet?”  The idea is to have a good time at the game of life, but the rules occasionally get changed after you pass GO.  For adults, an appropriate t-shirt might be “Am I Happy Yet?”  The proverbial grown-up has a list of requirements to cross off, starting with finding the right mate, getting married, having a career, welcoming children, living in a house in the suburbs, marrying off the children, having enough money to retire, having grandchildren, paying off the mortgage.  The determining factor is often “I’ll be happy as soon as such and such occurs.”
    British playwright Lucinda Coxon is bringing her new play straight from its London premiere to the stage of New Haven’s Yale Repertory Theatre  through Saturday, November 15.  “Happy Now?” concerns Kitty (Mary Bacon) and her family and circle of friends as she copes with her life in suburban northern London, her job working with a cancer research funder, her need to pay the majority of the monthly mortgage payment, her demanding children, her divorced parents and their medical needs, real and imaginary, and her husband’s (Kelly AuCoin) abandonment of his high pressured job for his passion, teaching.
    Kitty is caught in the middle of her friends and their angst, her best pal Carl (Brian Keane) and his homosexual seekings, Miles (Quentin Mare) who stretches the bonds of hospitality by crashing on their couch after his bouts of drinking cause his wife Bea (Katharine Powell) to throw him out, and Michael (David Andrew Mac Donald) who offers her an illicit promise of joy.  When she visits her mother (Joan MacIntosh), she feels her ideals wavering and her choices disintegrating. Liz Diamond directs this comic drama, on a creatively designed set by Sarah Pearline, that propels the action and allows Kitty to find her way.
    For tickets ($35-65), call the Yale Rep, 1120 Chapel Street, New Haven at 203-432-1234 or online at www.yalerep.com. ; Performances are Tuesday-Saturday at 8 p.m., Wednesday and Saturday at 2 p.m.
    Cheer for Kitty as she struggles through the mazes of life, much like each one of us does, on a daily basis, finding and holding on to as many moments of happiness as possible.

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