She’s adorable. He’s confused.  She’s wacky.  He’s more confused.  She’s a wannabe actress, a wannabe playwright, a wannabe romantic.  He’s perplexed.  The she is Thelma Blau. The he is Vito Pignoli.  The what is the delightful comedy “It Had  To Be You” by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna, set in New York City on Christmas Eve, 1981.  The where is Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, now through Sunday, March 15.
    Semina De Laurentis takes off her artistic director hat to star in this deliciously ditzy comedy as Thelma, the sincere but outrageous heroine of her own life who is seeking a double miracle:  success in her career and love with a wonderful man.  Her desperation in ever finding a “happily ever after” fairy tale end-of-the-rainbow pot of gold has led her to a nervous breakdown and one last minute succeed-at-all-costs plan.
    Auditioning for a commercial, she lassoes the successful television commercial director, Vito Pignoli, played by a suave R. Bruce Connolly, and holds him hostage in her apartment.  Flaunting her feminine wiles, she lures him into bed and then dangles her one hundred and seventeen versions of her play about a Russian prisoner, a comedy she acts out, as she connives to have him become her new writing partner.
    As the snow storm turns into a blizzard and Thelma’s needs for a permanent partner reach Empire State Building proportions, she pulls out all the stops and the props to win the grand prize:  Vito on a platter.  Julia Kiley directs this funny romp lovingly.
    For tickets ($29-35), call Seven Angels, 1 Plank Road, Hamilton Pavilion Park, Waterbury at 203-757-4676 or online at www.sevenangelstheatre.org. ; Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., with matinees at 2 p.m. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Free parking is on site. (exit 24 west or 25 east off I-84)
    Come cheer on Thelma in her campaign to win the affections of Vito in this Valentine’s Day romance, where the luck of the Irish is needed, on the snowy eve of Christmas.

This will appear in the Middletown Press on March 5.

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