By Marlene S. Gaylinn

Music Theatre of Connecticut (MTC), co-founded by Artistic Director, Kevin Connors and Managing Director, Jim Schilling, has moved from its tiny space in Westport to a larger, completely outfitted facility in Norwalk called the Melissa & Doug Theatre. The setting is still intimate but there is considerably more seating and performing space plus there seems to be room to expand. This is very big news for Norwalk because this fairly large city lacked a theatre with a professional staff that could regularly produce live shows. I’m therefore surprised that, except for the usual “Ribbon Cutting,” there were no remarks by Mayor Rilling in the program and he did not attend the theatre’s opening night.

If there is such a thing as a “theatre warming,” “The World Goes ‘Round,” a hot and highly entertaining revue of the songs by Kander & Ebb was a great choice to open this organization's 28th season with. This is the successful, composing team of “Chicago,” “Cabaret,” “Kiss of the Spider Woman” etc. The cast of Equity performers, directed by Kevin Connors, consisted of three women and two men plus a full-sounding, three-piece band led by David Madore. David Heuvelman was the technical director.

The show is composed of 27 songs divided in two acts. The title piece, “And The World Goes ‘Round” begins the program with Trisha Rapier and her vibrant voice. Melissa Price shines brightly in “Colored Lights,” and both women give a biting rendition of “Class.”

Cute little Kathy Calahan is outstanding in “All That Jazz,” and when joined with Aaron Young, the pair evokes lots of laughter in the “Arthur in the Afternoon” segment.

Eric Kincaid is hilarious when describing his addiction to “Sara Lee” coffee cakes and his rendition of “Mr. Cellophane,” cannot be be topped by anyone. Aaron Young also stands out with a very moving “Kiss of the Spider Women.”

As an ensemble, the performing highlights are: “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup, ” “Ring Them Bells,” “The Money Song” and others.¬†Additional floor space now allows a little dancing, which was devised by Jeri Kansas.¬†Appropriate, mood lighting was by Michael Megliola. Diane Vanderkroef created some lovely costumes, although some appear to be hastily made and need re-fitting (when you sit close you notice every detail).

MTC’s “The World Goes ‘Round is great entertainment and suitable for everyone.

Plays to November 23 . Tickets: 203 454 3883

This review appears in “On CT & NY Theatre” November/2014



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