By Marlene S. Gaylinn

Shakespeare enthusiasts will look forward to a refreshing intermission after Act 1 of “The Winter’s Tale” at Yale Repertory Theatre. This less performed play requires some concentration and a long, winter’s journey through two kingdoms -- each with its own set of values and customs -- in order to examine the human conditions of jealousy and vindictiveness. The second act is livelier. The promise of spring brings reconciliation, the restoration of harmony between peoples and satisfies the fairytale notion of “…and they lived happily ever after.”


We persevere through Shakespeare’s ancient, wordy language and hold our breaths during a severe snowstorm, survive a bear attack, lose money to a greedy swindler, meet peaceful peasants, join a colorful, folk festival and finally wind up at the marriage of the two, formerly antagonistic kingdoms. When this presentation has ended, we can contemplate the plight of human nature and the causes of wars -- and perhaps realize that we still haven’t learned a thing.


This extravagant production directed by Liz Diamond, features a large cast headed by excellent actor, Rob Campbell. You will enjoy beautifully designed costumes by Jennifer Moeller, and an impressive set composed of giant, moveable, archways by Michael Yeargan. The choreography is by Randy Duncan and Matthew Suttor composed the live musical accompaniment.


Plays to April 7

Tickets: 203-432-1234


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