By Marlene S. Gaylinn

  “A Steady Rain,” is about two cops, in a big city, who are consistently passed over for promotion because of character flaws.  “Joey” (Kyle Fabel) has a drinking problem and “Denny” (Aaron Weiner) a bigot with a runaway mouth, behaves on impulse and has a tendency to get the two of them into trouble. The men have known each other since high school, are partners on patrol, and closely associate both on and off duty.

   The story deals with an inner city, multi-ethnic society -- where people live on the edge of life, and the cops who try to control them.   The irony is that the cops also live in the fast lane and cannot control themselves.   The consequences of fate and inept behavior lead to the self-destruction of one partner and the redemption of the other.

   Writer Keith Huff craftily moves the suspenseful story forward by having the two cops take turns transitioning from narrator to actor.  Under the direction of Tazewell Thompson, Fabel and Weiner accomplish this technique quite smoothly.  While the pace is a little too fast, making the main point of the play difficult to digest and the impact less meaningful, the contrasting characters, one a blustering bum the other more sensitive and laid back are very believable.  If you like police action stories on the style of “Starsky and Hutch,” this one is for you.

Plays until May 8, 2011.                                                           Box Office: 860-527-7838

This review appears in “On Connecticut Theatre” April2011


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