FOOTLOOSE At Ivoryton Playhouse

By Marlene S. Gaylinn

As the title implies, “Footloose” is a dance musical, based on a screenplay by Dean Pitchford. Its flimsy plot about a preacher who lost his teenage son in a car accident due to alcohol, and a resulting town ordinance forbidding dancing (socializing necessitates drinking?) is simply a vehicle for the show’s non-stop dancing. At Ivoryton Playhouse the stage is filled with a large cast of young, energetic, multi-talented people. Most of them are professionals on the road to fame.

The leading, rebellious, teen characters are: “Ren” (Cody Ryan) and “Ariel” (Zoe Kassay) who render a very tender duet “Almost Paradise. Their fun-loving friends: “Bickle” (Derek Johnson), Willard (Patrick Dunn) liven the show with their vivid personalities and outstanding dancing. Thoroughly enjoyable are the Western “Entr’acte” and the “Mama Says” sequences. The minister and his wife (Edward Juvier and Traci Bair) have remarkable voices and give heartfelt performances throughout.

A live orchestra conducted by Mike Morris accompanies the very entertaining choreography by Richard Amelius. Like all musicals about high school kids coming of age, this is lively, entertaining production.

Plays to July 28
Tickets: 860 767 7318

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