Burning Desire at Seven Angels

By Marlene S. Gaylinn

The Devil has entered the heavenly sanctuary of “Seven Angels Theatre” in the form of highly gifted Lou Diamond Phillips. Phillips is an award-winning actor who played the King of Siam in “The King and I” on Broadway and numerous other roles on stage, screen and TV. He is also a writer and his play, “Burning Desire,” in which he also plays “Lucifer,” is making its premiere showing here.

This is a modern take on the Biblical Adam and Eve performed by an expert ensemble of professional actors under the direction of Richard Zavaglia , with choreography by Mic Thompson. “Evan” (Tara Franklin) is Eve, while “Andrew” (Ryan Gilreath) is Adam. The couple accidentally bumps into each other at the supermarket and their relationship burns on with the help of very charming Lou Phillips and his two dancing assistants, Jackie Aitken and Sophie Morris. The awkward, potential lovers work their way through an expensive restaurant date and end up at Evan’s apartment where, under the auspices of Lucifer, a simulated sexual performance takes place behind a veiled bed. The rest of their history is told behind veiled words.

In this day of guiltless sex, this writer didn’t get the point of “Burning Desire,” unless it was meant to be pure entertainment. I must also explain that I sat next to a very annoying woman whose loud cackling drowned out the actors and was distracting. With beer bottle in hand, she laughed like a drunken donkey at every single phrase, funny or not, before it was even finished. The words I did hear were quite clever. Despite the fact that some of the silly banter and stage business needs cutting, the opening night audience really seemed to enjoy the play because it received a standing ovation.

Plays to March 13 Tickets: 203-757-4676
This review appears in “On CT & NY Theatre” March/2016

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