Hartford TheaterWorks' "rabbit hole" is another hit

by June S. April

Consistently one of the best of Connecticut's theatres, TheaterWorks' current play once again brings audiences a production that is both memorable and meaningful. Award-winning Director, Rob Ruggiero balances pathos with humor in this powerful play by David Lindsay-Abaire.

It is a story, an exploration, of loss, understanding and faith. Unabashedly plunging into the pain felt at the demise of a child, the events masterfully unfold of how the death occurred , the reaction of the family, friends and the response to the person who "killed" the little boy. Seated next to us were two women who had lost their children in a similar way. They wept through much of the play, and laughed with the agony of understanding and spoke to us about the grasp and sensitivity by the playwright.

Actors, crew, director always seem to be "in synchrony" at this small theatre. Not one critique can be offered......it is appreciated on every level. "rabbit hole" is an example of theatre at its very best. The Pulitzer Prize for Drama that Mr Lindsay-Abaire won last year for this play was/is clearly well-deserved. Like Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman," this critic could envision this production being put-on in many other countries. The universal nature of grief knows no boundaries of time or place. It is only wished that Hartford's TheaterWorks could be extend "rabbit hole" for at least a few more weeks.

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