"Mothers and Sons"

By June S. April

Ignorance and prejudice seem an inherent part of the human condition.  Unconditional love, education and respect can be the antidotes.  The material is not new, "Angels in America" addressed it on a large scale, but Music Theatre of Connecticut, an intimate (seats less than 50 people) theatre in Westport draws us in on a very interpersonal perspective.  Basically, it's the story of two mothers and their sons.  One woman is blinded by her career and the impact on her homosexual son, and the other who sees clearly her son's sexual preferences and embraces both him and his companion.  The two mothers are long term friends, but parent very differently.

Observing the audience, and speaking with some members after the show, it was clear that for a number of people this story had a powerful impact.  Addressing the needs and fears of homosexuality is a call to playwrights to educate people, and this, "Mothers and Sons" has clearly succeeded in doing so for some of its audience.

The original music compliments the sentiment and emotions of the scene and is lyrical.  Kudos particularly go to Musical Director David Wolfson.   MTC's Executive Artistic Director Kevin Connors wrote the book, music and lyrics.  Public Relations Director, Joe Landry also co-wrote the book for this sensitive production.

MTC fills a special niche and offers audiences a visceral connection, it is almost a literal being "in touch."

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