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Auditions for OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS by Joe DiPietro on Sunday June 25 from 4-6 PM, and Monday June 26 from 7-9 PM.

OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS first premiered in the Bronx in 1994. It follows the story of Nick, a single young Italian-American man who is the only member of his family who's still geographically close enough to his two sets of grandparents in suburban New Jersey to join them for dinner every Sunday. Although he loves them all dearly, he sometimes finds them very annoying.

When Nick's family hears the news that he may be moving to Seattle for his dream job, they plot and scheme to introduce him to a "nice Catholic girl" - hoping he'll be so besotted that moving away will be out of the question. What happens afterward isn't necessarily what you might expect. Sherry Asch of Brewster, NY will direct.

The production calls for three men and three women. If possible, actors should read the play in advance and be ready to read sides from the script. No appointment is necessary. All roles are available. Character descriptions are at our website.

Rehearsals begin in July, and the production runs Friday and Saturday evenings, August 18 - 26, with one Sunday matinee. Auditions will take place at The Little Theatre, 18 Orchard Hill Road, Newtown.


The Sherman Playhouse Holds Auditions for Dark of the Moon

The Sherman Playhouse is seeking a cast of 12 men and 12 women – ages 16 and up – for its haunting fall production of Dark of the Moon by Howard Richardson & William Berney.

Auditions are Monday, July 10, and Tuesday, July 11, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Auditions will be held at The Sherman Playhouse, 5 Route 39 North (next to the fire station), in Sherman, CT. Sign-ups are in the rear green room.

Auditions will consist of reading from the script. No appointments are necessary. Professionals and amateurs are welcome. Special request: Women ages 16-60, who wish to considered for the roles of Barbara Allen, the Fair Witch, the Dark Witch, or Mrs. Allen, should prepare to sing a few bars from a song, a cappella.

Rehearsals for Dark of the Moon begin in late July. The production runs September 22 to October 15.

For more information, please contact director Robin Frome at or visit the Playhouse website at

Set in 1930's Appalachia, Dark of the Moon is a provocative tale centering around a Witch Boy, his human love, Barbara Allen, and the townspeople that are wary of their union. It's Romeo and Juliet with a supernatural flair.

The Sherman Playhouse is a non-Equity theatre company located at 5 Route 39 North (next to the fire station) in Sherman, CT.

UPCOMING AUDITIONS: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Sister Act

Directed by Gordon Casagrande

Auditions will be held in The Kweskin Theatre, 1349 Newfield Avenue, Stamford, CT,
Monday and Tuesday, August 28 and 29- 7:00pm to approximately 10:00pm each night.
Rehearsals will begin September 11. Show runs October 26 through November 12, with a one week possible extension,

Synopsis: “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” is a classic tale of love, hope, and revenge set against the vicious backdrop of a lawless society. A young man travels into the Wild West in search of a new life, only to end up beaten and left for dead on the dusty streets of Twotrees by notorious outlaw Liberty Valance. A local girl gives him purpose in this broken land. But when Valance returns to finish what he started, the young man must make the choice: turn and run or stand and fight… and become The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

Ransome Foster (Lead): Male, 25-35
A well-read, educated young lawyer who travels West seeking a new life; he is stubborn and sometimes arrogant but always well-meaning; his sense of justice does not fit into the frontier.

Bert Barricune (Lead): Male, 35-50
A worn, tough, and proud gunslinger; intimidating, but fundamentally decent; he is in love with Hallie.

Hallie Jackson (Lead) Female, 20-35
Proprietor of the Prairie Belle Saloon. Strong-minded and rough talking. A survivor, equally fierce in her convictions and her loyalty.

Jim ‘The Reverend’ Mosten (Supporting): Male, 20-35 – African American
A young African-American man who grew up and works with Hallie at the saloon; a kind, well-mannered and gentle soul, has no education, but is an enthusiastic learner.

Liberty Valance (Supporting): Male, 30-50
A notorious outlaw, gang leader, and “Southern Gentleman” whose polite façade conceals his viciousness and propensity toward violence. Terrifyingly unpredictable.

Marshal Johnson (Supporting): Male, 40-60
The local lawman; he talks the talk but when it comes down to it, he’s a coward.

 Jake Dowitt (Supporting): Male, 20-40
A reporter for a small local paper; will double in other roles as needed.
Gang, Mourners, Deputy, Students (Ensemble) Males 20-60 Up to four ensemble members to play townsfolk, outlaws, and deputies.


Directed by Meredith Walker
 Music Director Eric K. Johnston
Auditions will be held in The Kweskin Theatre, 1349 Newfield Avenue, Stamford, CT,
Monday and Tuesday, September 18 & 19- 7:00pm to approximately 10:00pm each night. Rehearsals will begin September 25. Show runs November 17 through December 16.

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