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Summer Theatre of New Canaan Auditions 2017 Summer Season
Professional Theatre, casting Equity & non union actors. All paid roles.
(Also hiring Equity and non union stage managers).

Season Shows: Singin’ in the Rain, The Adventures of Robin Hood (TYA),
The Dancing Princesses (TYA)

Equity & Non Union actors. (EMC points available)
Casting all roles (visit website: for breakdowns and more info)
Rehearsals June 13 –July 5 (Tuesday – Sundays)
Performances Thur-Sun July 6-July 30

THE DANCING PRINCESSES (Premiere of new TYA show)
Non-Union, musical some dancing required
Casting all roles (visit website: for breakdowns and more info)
Rehearsals June 6 -23 (mixed day parts)
Performances June 24-July 30 Weekend mornings or early afternoons.

(two actors perform all 22 roles in play, casting male and female)
Non-Union, physical acting; fight, clowning, improv, acrobatic experience a plus.
Casting all roles (visit website: for breakdowns and more info)
Rehearsals June 27–July14. 
Performances weekends and occasional week days beginning July 15-July 30.

Casting in CT April 9, 2017 10am-6pm
Summer Theatre of New Canaan studios at
The Performing Arts Conservatory of New Canaan
70 Pine Street, New Canaan CT 06840
(1 block from New Canaan Train Station)

Casting in NYC April 10-14, 2017 10am-6pm
Ripley Grier Studios
520 8th Ave. (10th floor)
New York, NY 10023

For appointments: Submit head shots and resumes (with video links if available) to: (please do not call for appointment), email all submissions and questions. Actors without appointments will be seen if time allows


Casting for Noni Cimino's Kitchen

Award-winning Pantochino Productions Inc., a professional not-for-profit theatre company in Milford is currently seeking a female actor for it's new musical, "Noni Cimino's Kitchen." Rehearsals evenings/Sunday afternoons April 2-20. Performs weekends April 21-May 7 (8 performances) Seeking: Aunt Lori (40's/50's) feisty, loud and full of chutzpah. Lori is the Jewish 'girl' who married into a big Italian family. Interested actors should email producer Bert Bernardi at Include resume and photo if possible.


Little Radical Theatrics is proud to announce auditions for its Summer 2017 production of the TONY Award-winning musical "The Secret Garden", based on the classic beloved novel! Directed by Michael Mirra, Musical Direction by Peter Capelle and Choreographed by Erin Pryor

Monday April 17th 6-9 PM
Tuesday, April 18th 6-9 PM


TO MAKE AN AUDITION APPOINTMENT please e-mail with your preferred date and time and a headshot and resume (if you have them). Walk-ins will be seen in the order they arrive in between appointments.

Please prepare 32 bars of a song in the style of the show (classical musical theatre/operetta) that shows range and/or acting ability and bring sheet music. You may sing from the score if you wish.  Bring headshot and resume if you have them (not required to audition).
CALLBACKS (by invitation only)
Thursday, April 20th at ArtsWestchester

REHEARSALS: Beginning early May; 3 - 4 days per week exact schedule will be made after auditions, taking into account role(s) and conflicts. Rehearsals will take place at ArtsWestchester and at The Grinton Will Library.

PERFORMANCES: Weekend of July 21st at The Grinton Will Library
 1500 Central Ave Yonkers NY (4 performances)

ALL ROLES OPEN WITH PLENTY OF LEADING AND FEATURED ROLES FOR AGES 9-60+. Seeking extremely strong singers and actors. All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition for all roles!


MARY LENNOX: A girl sent to live with her uncle, when her parents die from cholera in India.  Stubborn and always fighting for what she believes in. VERY strong young actress. Mezzo. To read 10 years old.

ARCHIBALD CRAVEN: Has retreated from the world and become a recluse in the wake of losing his beloved wife. He has a tremendous capacity for kindness, love and warmth but the great loss of his wife Lily and fear has caused him to protect himself and isolate himself and maintain a distant and moody exterior. He suffers from a hunchback. Strong legit High Baritone/Tenor. Stage Age 30s-40s.

LILY CRAVEN: Archibald Craven’s deceased wife. She died in childbirth, but her loving presence remains in the memories of those who loved her. As a spirit she must now try to heal and bring together her husband and niece. Strong legit Soprano. Stage age 20s-30s.

DICKON: Charismatic, warm and compelling -- with a very mystical quality. He develops a lovely friendship with Mary and inspires in her curiosity for life, and a passion for restoring the secret garden. Tenor.  Should have some movement ability. Yorkshire accent. Stage Age  mid-teens to early 20s.
COLIN CRAVEN: Archie’s invalid son who is bed-ridden and has no company other than his dour uncle and servants. Capable of being very rude and petulant,but essentially sweet-natured.  Boy Soprano. Stage Age 9 - 13.
DR. NEVILLE CRAVEN: Archibald’s younger brother. He is not an malicious man, but his conditioning of always being second to Archibald in inheritance, love, and otherwise has hardened him through the years. Strong classical Baritone. Stage Age 30s - 50s.

MARTHA: A faithful housemaid. An extremely warm, good-hearted girl, feisty and courageous. Mezzo with a warm  vocal quality. Should have some movement ability. Stage Age late teens - late 20s. Yorkshire accent.

*ROSE LENNOX: Mary's mother and Lily's sister. Charming and haughty. In life, lacking in maternal qualities. . Very loyal to her husband and watches over Mary as a "dreamer"/ghost. Classic Mezzo-Soprano. Stage age 20s - 30s.

*CAPTAIN ALBERT LENNOX: Mary's father who dies in the cholera epidemic. A dashing army officer – very brave. A loving husband and father. He is torn between his love for his vain, difficult wife – and his young daughter who his wife resents and neglects. Now watches over his daughter as a "dreamer/ghost". Strong classical Tenor. Stage age 30s - 50s.

BEN WEATHERSTAFF: A gruff  gardener who is only permitted to stay at Misselthwaite because he was a favorite of the late Lily Craven. He befriends Mary, and helps the children keep the secret of the garden. He tended the garden during the ten years in which it was locked, out of love and loyalty for Lily.  Strong actor. Baritone. Stage age 30s-60+. Yorkshire accent.

MRS. MEDLOCK : The no-nonsense Housekeeper at the Craven residence. Mean. Sharp and as cold as the manor.   Beneath her rigid exterior, she, like all the people of Yorkshire, is basically kind. Very  strong actress. Non-singing but may sing in some ensemble numbers.  Stage age 40s-60+. Yorkshire accent.

*FAKIR:  A Hindu mystic. Should have mystery and gravitas. Very strong  tenor who moves very well. Age flexible (16 - 60+)

*AYAH:  Mary’s Indian nanny. Loving, caring, comforting and strong. Follows Mary as a "dreamer"/ghost. Alto who moves very well. Stage age 20s - 40s.

*ALICE: An upper class young woman in India who is a  friend of Rose's. Dies in the choloera epidemic and watches over Mary as a "Dreamer/ghost. Soprano who moves well. Stage Age 16-30s.

*LIEUTENANT IAN SHAW: A young officer in Captain Lennox's unit who dies in the choloera epidemic. Watches over Mary as a "Dreamer"/ghost. Tenor who can move well.  Stage age 16-30s.

*LIEUTENANT PETER WRIGHT:  An officer  in Captain Lennox's unit anda  friend of the the Lennox family. Watches over Mary as a "dreamer/ghost". Baritenor with some movement ability.  Stage age 20s-60s (age flexible).

* MAJOR HOLMES: The leader of Captain Lennox's unit. Watches over Mary as a "Dreamer"/ghost. Bass Baritone with some movement ability. Stage age 30s-60+ (age flexible)

*CLAIRE HOLMES: Major Holmes's wife.  Dies in the cholera epidemic. Watches over Mary as a "Dreamer"/ghost. Soprano who can move well. Stage age 20s-40s (age flexible).

*the Dreamers, are people from Mary's life in India, who haunt her until she finds her new life in the course of the story. They sing directly to the audience, appearing and disappearing at will. All must be strong singers and actors. All named dreamers have a great deal of solo singing and several scenes. Must be able to hold harmonies well and should at the very least have some movement ability. *

MRS. WINTHROP: A stuffy headmistress from the school Dr. Craven has selected for Mary. Wonderful cameo role for a strong comedic character  actress. No solo singing but will double as a servant and be featured in all ensemble numbers. Stage age 30s-60+.

MAJOR SHELLY: An army officer who escorts Mary to England. Small featured cameo role with lines. Will double as a servant in the ensemble. Age flexible (20s-60+).

MRS. SHELLY: Major Shelly's wife. Small cameo role with lines. May double as Mrs. Winthrop and will double as a servant in the ensemble. Age flexible (20s-60+).

TIMOTHY, BETSY, JANE, WILLIAM and other servants: Featured servants of all ages who work at Misselthwaite Manor. Will serve as the ensemble and be featured in all of the company numbers. Strong singers with some movement ability. OPEN TO ALL AGES 10+.

NOTE: All speaking and singing roles require the ability to do (or be willing to learn to do)  a British RP (standard) accent, except where noted otherwise.

** Little Radical Theatrics is a non-paying community theater and there is no travel compensation. However, all locations are easily accessible by public transportation*
Please visit our website for more information on the company including pictures and video of past productions!

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